Sofa beds you'll actually like...

When you hear the words sofa bed (or sleeper sofa, pull-out couch, hideaway....) an image of florals and sofa skirts comes to mind. Open it up to a reveal a thin springy mattress and nowhere to stash away the sofa cushions. Or perhaps you see the click-clack micro fibre lumpy couch that makes a better trampoline than sitting. You know what I'm talking about.

Unless you hope to get your guests out the door quickly, we've got a few options...
The Denmark
The Denmark is perfect for small spaces looking for a clean uncluttered look. And nothing about it says sofa bed, so your guests won't know if you don't tell them. Keep reading, there's more...


Building the Norm 69

DIY Modern Lamp

In 1969 Simon Karkov designed his visionary, futuristic lamp, which consists of 69 parts, but for years it remained packed away, undiscovered. In 2001 an acquaintance of Simon Karkov saw the prospect of a fruitful collaboration between the team behind the start-up company Normann Copenhagen and Simon Karkov. Only then was this now classic design retrieved from the loft. The lamp was the first product released by Normann Copenhagen in 2002 and is now available in over 60 countries world-wide. 

Norm 69 was awarded the Formlandprisen 2002, Best Item at IMM Cologne 2003 and most recently the New-Classic Award 2009 by the Danish Interior Magazine BoBedre. 

Simon Karkov with his design

So how did our build go..?


Introducing Beater... a fun, space saving whisk by Normann Copenhagen

Just Arrived! This whisk is great, space-saving, sculptural and functional all in one neat little $18


Made in Canada

I just came across this via my favourite 'what's happening in Ottawa' blog, Apt613. I love it, a really great promo video for Marc Adornato's upcoming solo exhibition taking place this weekend. It's also a nice bit of Ottawa history, wait till you see the canal back in the day! WATCH THE VIDEO and then head over to Marc's website for more information on his show which is happening...

THIS FRIDAY: JUNE8 Vernissage: 5-9pm @ Shanghai and The Daily Grind 
                                                           10pm @ Hintonburg Public House


What makes a great product great?

The amount of thought that goes into some great designs is most often not evident in the product itself, one of the things that make it so great to begin with. In order to give credit to the ever growing number of well thought out designs out there, a number of awards have become established. The juries are made up of well respected designers that dive right into the backbones of each product; how it's made, value it adds and innovation it achieves. Only then giving credit where due. In the coming weeks we'll blog more about some of the most respected awards... red dot, good design, compasso d'oro, interior innovation.... the list goes on. Until then, check out our shop for a taste of some of these great designs.

The importance of Value

I came across a great post on treehugger - a design blog for the eco-conscience, and thought it was worthy of a share. It talks about the price we pay for supporting knock offs and the value in authenticity. Agree or disagree, it certainly makes some valid points.
image taken from http://www.treehugger.com/
Read more about it here and follow up with Dwell's post 10 Design insiders sound off on knockoffs

Featured on Desire to Inspire!

Ok, so maybe WE aren't featured, but the lovely Tablo Table...purchased in our showroom...has been! Read more about the table on Desire to Inspire and don't forget to bookmark their blog for future interior eye candy.