Designer Gifts for the Cook

Looking for the perfect gift for the cooks in your life? These fabulous items are sure to bring a smile to any culinary aficionado. Each is unique -  chances are they don't have it, each is fun - they'll love it, and each item is smart and sure to become a kitchen favourite.

Normann Copenhagen's herb stand, beater whisk, whisk, rainbow trivet, and krenit salad bowl
1. Normann Copenhagen Herb Pot ($48)    2. Normann Copenhagen Collapsable Whisk ($18)    3. Normann Copenhagen Whisk ($28)   4. Normann Copenhagen Rainbow Trivet ($26)
5. Normann Copenhagen Krenit Salad Bowl ($35)
6. Normann Copenhagen Collapsible Strainer ($60) 
1. Normann Copenhagen's Herb Stand is the perfect kitchen accessory for the cook who has everything. Who doesn't like to flavour with fresh herbs, and what better way to bring in the outdoors during the winter months. Complete with 2 pots and scissors; the gift that can't go wrong.  

2. This wonderful space-saving whisk not only fits in your drawer neatly, it can also be hung, easily cleaned in the dishwasher and looks great in any kitchen. Available in an array of fun colours, it makes a great stocking stuffer. 

3. Normann Copenhagen's larger whisk is perfect for the cook who loves to bake. Because it doesn't fully loop, cookie batter, bread dough and pancake mix doesn't get stuck in the process. Bonus: It looks great!

4.The lovely rainbow trivet. Another space saving and fun design, folds into itself to form a nice little compact rainbow just like the name suggests. Also available in more fun colours. 

5. Everyone needs a great salad bowl. Made of melamine, strong and reliable but it also looks great. Designed by Herbert Krenchel, its a classic shape that provides a stage for its contents. The Krenit Bowl is also available in metal with lacquer interior.    

6. This collapsible strainer is available in red or blue, folds down super flat and it's wonderfully modern design has won the prestigious Red Dot design award. It has to be great right?

Christmas gifts under $100

We've got something for just about everyone on your Christmas gift list, lots of great accessories for every budget.

 Gifts under $100

Christmas gift ideas under $100, Eva Solo Coffee Maker, Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glass, Eva Solo Tea Maker, Normann Copenhagen Iron Candlestick holder, Eva Solo My Teapot, Normann Copenhagen Carafe, Normann Copenhagen Porcelain Jug, Normann Copenhagen Flag Candle Holders
1. Normann Copenhagen Flag Candle Holders, set of 3 ($87)     2. Normann Copenhagen Hand Blown Cognac Glass, set of 2 ($64)   3. Eva Solo My Tea TeaPot ($79)   4. Normann Copenhagen Cast Iron Candelabra ($78)  
5. Normann Copenhagen Cristal Carafe ($60)    6. Eva Solo Coffee Maker ($89)  
7. Normann Copenhagen Porcelain Jug (on sale for $95)  
Eva Solo and Normann Copenhagen are 2 great accessory companies should be on your list. Both are based in Denmark with all their products designed and made there, great quality and fun designs that are sure to be a hit for anyone on your list with an appreciation for great design. Lots more options available in store, your Christmas shopping will be complete in no time...